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Singer/Songwriter der Extraklasse. Ein Pop-Musiker aus einer anderen Dimension!

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World class, perfect, innovative and sophisticated pop music, which seems to come from another dimension.
Multiinstrumentalist Merz is back, but not for the first time. In 1999 he released his critical acclaimed and hyped major debut album. He made it on stage to Glastonbury Festival and Top of the Pops and then he disappeared.

The high acclaimed British singer/songwriter Merz (real name Conrad Lambert) is on Germany/Benelux solo tour in June/July.
Merz has released four albums since his eponymous debut.

After huge hype and a major label release in 1999, he walked away from the deal and disappeared completely. Returning from self-imposed exile in 2005, he released second album Loveheart on Herbert Grönemeyer`s indie label Gronland, a work that won him renewed respect, then in 2008 scaled the iTunes charts in the USA with follow-up album Moi et Mon Camion, solidifying his reputation for heartfelt tunes, intricate production and enigmatic displays of multi-instrumental talent.

His fourth album, No Compass Will Find Home, was recorded in the Swiss Alps and produced with electronic pioneer Matthew Herbert. A progressive, wild and ragged record with a unique kind of psychedelia, it was released on Accidental Records in January 2013 and subsequently gave birth to a follow up collaboration; No Compass Will Find Home (Julian Sartorius Drum and Vocal Renditions), a radical re-working of the original record by experimental drummer Julian Sartorius, released by Accidental Records and Everest Records in November 2013.